My life has been a savage, rollicking ride but through everything, I was always writing. While raising six children, I often stayed up all night because it was the only chance I had to work on my stories (though I did have a typewriter right next to the dish drainer in the kitchen, just in case an opportunity arose to type a sentence while running past with a load of laundry in my arms, or while feeding an infant). My stories were my escape, my solace, and much like more children - children that I also painfully gave birth to and named, and then piled up into the closet (the stories, not the actual children).  

During that cyclonic time, I met a brilliant woman in the movie business who believed in my ability and talent, but she told me that I should never write with the goal of a financial payoff. Well, this didn't make sense to me at the time because I was living on the brink of poverty and my kids were outgrowing their shoes faster than I could buy new ones, so of course I was hoping to sell 'the big one' and solve all of my problems. And I came close a few times - I had my foot in the door with a couple of screenplay options but as things go, the movie deals fell through, and my life fell apart several more times on monumental levels.  I was still consistently writing through it all, recklessly and passionately.  

But I finally understand, in my 50's, what she was trying to tell me in my 30's. Writing is about giving. It's about giving my time to something I love doing, and it's about my obligation to give those stories back to the world. Whether the world wants them or not. 

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